Samsung Phone Repair

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Samsung and Android Phone Repair

Bring your Samsung phone to Mainly Techs if it has a cracked screen, won’t charge, or has gotten wet. We’ll fix it fast and well. The professionals at Mainly Techs are trained to fix Samsung phones and many other android devices. Get your Samsung phone or tablet up and running in no time! To get a better idea of the Samsung phone models, we repair and price estimates; see the table below. We offer:

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How We Can Help With Broken Smartphone Repaired!

Samsung Phone Pricing

ProductScreenOther: (battery, speaker, camera, etc)
Galaxy S5, S6, Note 4, S&$189$59.99-99.99
S7 Edge$230$110-$150
S8, Note 5$259$110-$150
S8 Plus$270$110-$150
Note 8,$299$110-$150
S9, S9 Plus, S10E, Note 9$309-4$110-$150
S10 Plus, Note 10, S10 5G$399-499$110-$150
Note 10 Plus$469$110-$150
Due to part prices fluctuating, the prices above are only a rough estimate of your repair cost.
Screen assembly includes labor and Lifetime Warranty.
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We provide the best phone and laptop repair service in Maine; we are a New England-based company that can do remote work around the country.