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Did your device stop working or start acting up? Mainly Techs is an Electronics repair shop specializing in computers, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and micro soldering repairs. Save yourself the hassle and cost of replacing when we can fix it.

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Our Repair Services

We repair most computers, laptops, cameras, smartphones, and other device brands. Our expert team will handle it.

Our Repair Options

We offer many options to get your device repaired. Bring your device into our Waterville Electronic shop, mail it to us, or in some cases re can fix your computer remotely. 

In Store Repair

Stop by our electronic repair shop in Waterville, Maine, and we will get your devices repaired.

Mail Us Your Device

Dont need your device timidity but still want it repaired. Ship your device to our repair center.

Remote PC Repair

We will schedule an appointment so one of our technicians will connect to your machine remotely.

10+ Years Experience

We have over a decade of experience in providing device repair.

Professional Team

We provide notch residential and commercial electronic repair.


Why Choose Mainly Techs

Our team of experts will help you solve any issues that you might be having. Discover the difference that a single 1 on 1 sessions can change your life. Book an appointment today.

What Do We Fix?

We can fix almost any electronic device, including video gaming consoles, phones, tablets, computers, and drones. Mainly Techs sources parts unique to each device and will lead you through your repair options. Our skilled electronic repair experts are also capable of diagnosing your devices, so if your device needs to be repaired, we’re here to assist you in resolving the issue.

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Comprehensive Device Repair And Services

iPhone Repair
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Cracked Screen

With Mainly Techs, you can get your damaged iPhone screen replaced in no time at a reasonable price. In fact, most iPhone screen repairs may be accomplished within one business day, if not while you wait in-store.

Water Damage

Visit Mainly Techs if your iPhone has been damaged by water. Once the amount of the damage has been determined, the item will be thoroughly cleaned and any debris removed before further testing can take place.

Speaker Not Working

The speaker on your iPhone may need to be repaired or replaced if it’s distorted, muffled, or not working at all. All of your iPhone audio problems can be solved by the experts at Mainly Techs.

No Signal

Mainly Techs is here to assist you if you are experiencing a weak or non-existent iPhone signals. Water damage, SIM card damage, or out-of-date software could be to blame for your iPhone’s malfunctions.

Dead Battery

The inability of your iPhone battery to maintain a charge might have a significant impact on your ability to get work done. Because Mainly Techs does skilled iPhone battery replacements, your phone will be able to keep up with your hectic schedule.

Broken Buttons

Mainly Techs specialists can help you if the buttons on your iPhone are faulty or broken. We’ll get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible, so you’re never without an iPhone for long.

IPad Repair

Cracked Screen

Mainly Tech’s iPad screen repair service is reasonably priced and often can be finished the same day. Get your iPad back to working order by visiting one of our handy locations.

Water Damage

Because you’re often carrying your iPad around, it’s easy for water damage to spoil your fun. It is Mainly Tech’s specialty to repair iPads that have been damaged by water, and they can do so promptly and affordably.

Speaker Issues

If the sound on your iPad is distorted or doesn’t work at all, call your local Mainly Techs for assistance. Your iPad speakers can be repaired or replaced by us, allowing you to enjoy your tablet in its original condition.

Signal Issues

An iPad without a signal drastically reduces the tablet’s functionality. You won’t be without your tablet for long. We will check your phone to determine the source of the problem and perform any required repairs or replacements.

Dead Battery

Batteries that used to last as long in your iPad may no longer be able to do so. Regardless of what’s causing the problem, Mainly Techs can get to the bottom of it quickly and effectively.

Broken Buttons

Mainly Tech’s is a great place to go if your iPad’s buttons fail or do not work. Mainly Tech’s offers same-day repair services to ensure that you get your gadget back as quickly as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Repair
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Cracked Screen

Repairing the screen of your Galaxy will make it seem new. Cracked screens are one of the most common problems Mainly Techs fixes. Fortunately, most Mainly Techs screen repairs can completed the same day that you bring in your broken Samsung phone.

Water Damage

Don’t rule out the possibility that your Samsung Galaxy can be fixed despite water damage. Your phone will be disassembled by Mainly Techs professionals, who will clean and repair it from the inside out before carefully reassembling it.

Speaker Issues

You may have a speaker problem if your Samsung Galaxy is no longer loud and clear. Mainly Techs has you covered whether you need a tune-up or a complete speaker replacement.

Signal Issues

Any number of signal-related difficulties could be causing your Samsung Galaxy to run slowly. Mainly Techs professionals will check your phone to determine the source of the problem and perform any required repairs or replacements.

Dead Battery

If your Samsung Galaxy doesn’t charge no matter how many times you plug it in, visit Mainly Techs for assistance. To extend the life of your phone, we’ll either repair or replace the battery you currently have.

Broken Buttons

Home button malfunctions can ruin the overall Samsung Galaxy experience if they occur. Mainly Techs offers same-day repair services to ensure that you get your gadget back as quickly as possible.


Computer Repair
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Broken Screen

In addition to cell phones, Mainly Techs specialists have extensive experience repairing broken screens on a wide range of devices. Our team may repair computer screens of all major brands and models quickly and affordably.

Water Damage

Mainly Techs should be your first call if your computer has been harmed by water. You won’t have to be without your laptop for long because our professionals can swiftly determine the amount of damage and restore it.

Speaker Issues

Your computer’s audio output may be compromised if the speaker is damaged. As a last resort, you can bring your speaker to one of Mainly Tech’s conveniently placed stores for repair or replacement.

Computer Slow

What’s wrong with my computer? Problems with your operating system or other applications may be causing your problems. To get your computer running again, Mainly Techs can diagnose the problem and fix it quickly.

Dead Battery

Does the battery in your laptop no longer hold a charge, or doesn’t last long? Our skilled tech staff can help if your computer won’t charge or keeps running out of battery power. Just bring it into Mainly Techs, and we’ll figure it out.

Computer Crashing

A system crash is the worst possible outcome in terms of your digital gadgets. Bring your computer to Mainly Techs for a free diagnosis and quote on repair services if you’re suffering the dreaded blank screen of a system breakdown.

Console Repair
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No Power / Doesn’t Work.

Are you not able to get your gaming console to boot up? Most likely, you’ll have to get a new power supply for your console.

HDMI Port Damaged / No Display

When you turn on your console, what happens? From coast to coast, we perform HDMI port replacements. Repairs like this one are extremely common.

Console Cleaning

A roaring fan is what? Is your console covered with dust and bugs? You could require a thorough cleaning. Allow our technicians to disassemble your console so that they can thoroughly clean it.

Bluetooth Repair

Why can’t I use my controllers or other peripherals? The Bluetooth ICs and controllers may need to be changed if they become faulty.

In-Store Services
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In Stores Support

When you are on the go and need your laptop, tablet, or smartphone repaired, stop in at our Waterville, Maine repair store, and we will have your device repaired in no time.

Backup and Recovery

Using our backup and recovery services will have all of your information in one place. It’s painless, secure, and reliable.

PC and Mac

Our team of experts can work on any device; if it’s windows ten or Mac OSX, we will keep you secure and up to date.

Tablet Service & Repair

Is your tablet broken; Is the screen cracked or won’t power on? Please stop by our location in Waterville, Maine.

Smartphone Service & Repair

Everyone has a cellphone, and they are frequently getting broken. From heating issues, batteries that don’t hold a charge, to broken screens, we help you solve it all.

Mobile and Sync

We can help you sync your devices, so you always have the same phone, emails, contacts across all of your devices.

Online Services

Need help with brand-name cloud services like iCloud, Google, Microsoft, etc. We are there to help get you up and running.

Virus & Malware Removal

We help you get rid of any virus or malware that might be running on your devices.

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