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IT Services & IT Support Maine Businesses Trust. We focus on the IT solutions, so you can focus on your business.

Find Out How Managed Services From The Experts At Wireless Technology Solutions Can Help You Leverage The Technology You Have, Reduce Your Pain Points, And Reach Your Business Goals. Simplify Your It in Three Easy Steps.

Simplify Your IT in 123


Someone from our team will visit your office to perform an onsite assessment. We interview your team to understand your business and your needs so your business can thrive. Our team moves at your pace, and we don’t have any high-pressure sales tactics.


The Wireless Technology Solutions team performs a thorough update of your computer systems and network. Ensuring you are running the latest updates, an IT security audit to safeguard that your business and IT infrastructure to manage your devices easily.


We deploy our remote management software on your computer systems, configure or ensure that your computer systems are being backed up, and provide you with all of the right software and technology so we can meet your business needs.

We Are A Maine Based IT Company Offering Managed IT Services, Wireless Systems, Phone Systems, And Other Technology-Related Services.

What To Expect Working With A Maine IT Company?

As a trusted IT services company, Wireless Technology Solutions works closely with you to ensure that you have the highest level of IT support. Our team is a skilled in computer repair, phone systems, camera systems, and managing a diverse IT infrastructure.

Our team knows what it takes to manage and fix your technology devices. We serve both residential and business clients with unparalleled support.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call and see what we can do for you.


How Your Business Will Benefit From Our IT Services

Get A Good Night Sleep

We provide continuous monitoring and maintenance of your entire IT infrastructure; like servers, computer, network equipment, firewalls, etc. Our technicians quickly discover and solve your technology issue before they can impact your business.

Fewer Daily Issues

When it comes to connecting your device to the internet it can be scary, our proactive approach allows your team to focus on the business, not their computer. We keep your computer updated, real-time antivirus scans, and outstanding IT support.

Outstanding IT Security

Keeping your business secure and protecting your data from internal and external threats is a full-time job. No matter if you’re a medical office that needs to be HIPAA compliant or a coffee shop that needs to be PCI compliant we got your business covered.

Reduce Down Time

Is your business prepared for a disaster? What would you do if your building flooded by a hurricane? We help you mitigate your risk, prevent downtime, and build a plan that will keep your business running through even the toughest disasters.

Stay Connected

Having a stable phone system that works is critical for business today. Wireless Technology Solutions offers your business an easy to use hosted VoIP phone system that gives you all of the feature and stability you need; without having to worry about the hardware or management.

Flat Rate IT Budget

Is your business prepared for a disaster? What would you do if your building flooded by a hurricane? We help you mitigate your risk, prevent downtime, and build a plan that will keep your business running through even the toughest disasters.

Work From Anywhere

Your employees need to be able to access business documents and get work done anywhere. Today everyone is on the move, from working at home or pulling up a sales presentation in a meeting. We ensure that your cloud services are secure and scale as you grow.

Improved Productivity

We help your business use IT to Drive your business forward and reach your business goals. We make it easy to navigate and selecting the right technology solutions that meet your requirements and will provide your business with expert IT support and Services


​Learn more about our company

Looking For A New Maine IT Services & Computer Solutions Company?

Over the years, we have helped business all over Maine and New England save on their IT costs and reach their goals. Form a company that is just starting out to large manufacturing firms, our team’s knowledge will help you address our company IT goals and drive more productivity for your employees.

Technology is critical for business today, they need to know that they have the right solution, and an IT company that is going to work best for their company. We help our clients leverage the best solutions for their business, ensuring that there is no limit to what your business can achieve. The right solutions will minimize downtime and empower your employees

Is Your IT Managed And Proactive?

Is your current IT support company providing your business with effective support and solutions? Are they proactively detecting issues when the arise and solving them before your network goes down or do they follow the conventional break-fix model, which only fixes the issues after it has affected your business.

Wireless Technology Solutions offers proactive IT ensuring that your business infrastructure is always running and if an issue arises we typically can detect and solve the problem before you even know you had a problem. We provide you’re with the right approach to IT so you can meet your goals, make sound IT investments and maximize your revenue.

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Are you looking for an IT company that offers End To End support? A IT Provider that can offer enterprise level solutions that go beyond basic tech support?

As your technology partner serving Maine and New England we ensure that your business technology is covered. We perform analyses your current solutions and finds any bottleneck. We understand that your business is unique and not everyone needs the same solutions.

Most IT providers only offer a small range of it solutions like remote monitoring, patch management, managed anti-virus, and cloud computing, etc. Not all IT support companies are able to design, build, and implement custom solutions for your business. We have programmers and engineers on staff to solve all of your biggest IT challenges.

We are a trusted Managed IT Services company in the state of Maine and save you time and money, provide the right solution, so you don’t have to hire and train any new employees. We help you implement and integrate open source and proprietary solutions; provide you with training, ongoing support and help you develop an IT roadmap.

Why Choose Our Manages IT Services?

  • Our Trusted Techs will come right to your door to solve your tech-related problems.
  • We support more than just PCs. We handle macs, wifi, cellphone, and tablets.
  • We love helping our customers solve their technology-related issues
  • We don’t have any complicated pricing models. You know upfront what is going to cost.

Wireless Technology Solutions doesn’t force out clients into two or three-year contracts. Our team works every month to earn your business.

Wireless Technology Solutions provides cost-effective solutions for our clients, so you can plan and predict your IT costs for business.

We provide our managed clients with discount rates on larger projects that are out of the scope of their managed it service agreement

By using our backup and recovery services, you will have all of your information in one place. It’s painless, secure and reliable.

The team at Wireless Technology Solutions has been providing excellent IT support and IT Advisory services for small business for over a decade

Our team has over five decades of combined experience in the IT field. We know what It takes to make your IT meet your needs.



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