Electronic Device Repair Services

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What We Do

Fix It. Don't Replace It

Repair professionals at Mainly Techs specialize in making happy by repairing smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, computers, and micro soldering devices. Let us help you figure out what’s wrong with your electronic device by bringing it to Mainly Techs.

It is not uncommon for us to fix iPhones and Samsung mobile phones every day. We can fix and replace cell phone displays, charging ports, batteries, etc.  Repairing your device instead of replacing it saves you money.

mainly techs iPhone repair
What We Do

Easy Step Get Service

We make it easy to get your devices and computers reapured. 

In Store Repair

Stop by our electronic repair shop in Waterville, Maine, and we will get your devices repaired.

Mail Us Your Device

Dont need your device timidity but still want it repaired. Ship your device to our repair center.

Remote PC Repair

We will schedule an appointment so one of our technicians will connect to your machine remotely.

10 Years Experience

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Professional Team

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Lets Introduction

Why Choose Mainly Techs

Our team of experts will help you solve any issues that you might be having. Discover the difference that a single 1 on 1 sessions can change your life. Book an appointment today.

Lets Get Your Device Fixed