Screen Protection

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Liquid Glass Screen Protector

As an alternative to tempered glass, the Titanium Armor Liquid Glass offers superior protection. New nanotechnology creates an undetectable, hard-drying layer to protect your screen. In only a few minutes, the liquid coating will be applied to your phone or tablet’s screen and you won’t be able to tell the difference.

An extended warranty will cover you if the screen of your phone or tablet breaks during the next year, even if it is protected.

Liquid Glass Phone Only

How much will it cost to get my cell phone fixed?

liquid glass steps

Step 1: You come to our store with your phone (or tablet). During your wait, we can fix your phone’s cracked screen – it should be done within 30 minutes.

Step 2: Liquid Glass Screen Protection is applied to your phone’s screen by us. Not to worry, it will dry so quickly that you won’t even notice!

Step 3: Installing Warranty Life’s app on your phone and signing up for the warranty protects you from having to pay for a replacement phone screen in the event of accidental damage. With several partners, Warranty Life can help you get your phone fixed even if you relocate within the warranty period!

Step 4: You break the screen of your phone (which is difficult with the liquid glass protector, but still possible) Your phone screen will be replaced for free or at a discount, depending on the option you choose to file a claim online.