Self Check-in

We try to make the repair process as simple as possible. WALK-IN, DROP OFF, MAIL IT IN, OR GET A QUOTE.

How It Works

Step 1

Please fill out the form below and provide additional information about your device. Read the instructions and disclaimer carefully. The consumer is responsible for requesting an estimate in advance.

Step 2

We will send you an email containing a PDF of your ticket. Print and include the ticket with your device in the packaging and send us the device. Make sure you select expedited service if your repair is urgent.

Step 3

You pay once the device is repaired. After receiving payment, we return the goods to you via mail. The current repair time is approximately 3 to 5 weeks. Expedited service typically is done within seven days.

Repair Intake Form

Repair Intake Form
Mainly Techs , LLC
18 Common St Waterville Maine 04601

Terms & Conditions:

This warranty is specifically for defective parts that are not functioning. Accidental damage is not covered by the warranty. No returns or exchanges will be accepted from further damaged phones or broken screens.

DATA LOSS WAIVER: Mainly Techs, LLC, Inc. shall not be responsible at any time for any loss, alteration, or corruption of any software, data, or files due to pre-existing problems or diagnostics.

I understand that the technician will utilize every reasonable precaution to protect my data. I understand that INTENSIVE system diagnostics, repair of a crashed OS system, badly configured hardware, hardware problems/failures, or hard drive testing on a possible bad, faulty hard drive can "stress" the hard drive which can, in rare situations result in data damage, where the integrity of the data may become compromised and potentially irretrievable.  By signing this agreement, I release Mainly Techs, LLC from any and all damages that may result from the loss of data

I understand that Mainly Techs, LLC makes no warranty or guarantee as to the success of its attempts to repair /save my hard drive/recover data.  Furthermore, I release Mainly Techs, LLC from any liability for any data loss which may occur during, or as a result of, this procedure. I also release Mainly Techs, LLC, from any liability for any theft, loss, damage, or destruction to the drive and any other hardware delivered to Mainly Techs, LLC in connection with this Waiver.

ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS       Mainly Techs, LLC is not responsible for additional problems that are preexisting but not discovered by customers or issues that in rare cases occur during repair. Repair of additional issues will be at the customer’s expense, with approval.

REPAIR RISKS: Electronic repairs can be unpredictable. Your device may be beyond repair or permanently damaged and rendered useless during the repair process. Circuit board/ PCB components deteriorate over time and can fail unexpectedly, particularly in liquid damage devices where components and parts can short circuit, oxidize, corrode, and rust. Prying the screen off of devices with glued-on screens, such as iPads, allows access to internal components. During the prying process, screens are incredibly delicate and can crack or break. Although we have a lot of experience and the risk of the screen breaking is low, glass can break, and there are risks.

ABANDONED DEVICE LIABILITY WAIVER: All repaired / non-repaired devices must be picked up within 60 (thirty) days from the notification date. All charges must be paid before equipment will be returned to the owner. All the devices not claimed or not paid/picked up within  60  (thirty) days after we notify you that the requested service/diagnostics is complete Mainly Techs, LLCis held not responsible for the abandoned property and will treat your equipment as abandoned. You agree to hold Mainly Techs, LLC harmless for any damage or claim for the abandoned property. Any and all charges are still the customer’s responsibility.