Computer Repair Services

No matter if you have a Mac or a PC that requires computer repair, Mainly Techs is here to assist you in getting it back up and running.
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Mac and PC Repair Services

If you’ve broken your laptop’s screen or have observed that it isn’t charging correctly, we are here to help. In addition, all of our computer repair components are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spec, and all of our repairs are backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, and Mac computers are among the frequently handled brands that we repair. We also help our customers keep their custom gaming PCs running at top performance and help them select the right parts for custom builds.

What We Do

Our Services

We make it easy to get your devices and computers repaired. 

Data Recovery

We can assist you in avoiding data loss by transferring your files to an external hard drive or other storage devices before we begin computer repair. Our data recovery services are available to you if your hard disk has malfunctioned or if you’ve accidentally destroyed essential data that you need to get back.

Hard Drive Replacement

We can install a new hard drive in your computer if the current one is failing, performing slowly, or you need additional storage space. If you have an older computer, replacing the hard drive with a solid-state drive can increase the speed by up to 60%. (SSD).

Local Computer Repair

We understand how important your computer is to your daily routine, from work to gaming. In most cases, we can repair your computer on the same day you bring it to Mainly Techs! Our professionals will keep you informed about every step of the repair process.

Computer Repair Services Pricing

Due to part prices fluctuating, the prices above are only a rough estimate of your repair cost.
Screen assembly includes labor and Lifetime Warranty.