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Watching a YouTube video on fixing an iPhone is a waste of time. Here’s why

Countless YouTube tutorials make fixing an iPhone appears incredibly simple, but that doesn’t mean you should try to fix it yourself. Some videos you find on YouTube have incomplete or incorrect information that could make your device paperweight. If you have concluded that you will repair your phone, we recommend following a guide at since they typically have well-written and thorough guides.

When You Are Repairing Your Phone at Your Own Risk

Ensure that you are aware of the risks involved before attempting any repairs. You might get caught in the worst-case scenario. Where you permanently damage the device. Trust me, we all have been there. 

If a warranty covers the damage, returning the product to the manufacturer is always the best option. You can find many trustworthy third-party repair shops to repair your phone if it’s out of warranty. Repairing a device on your own is only recommended if you have exhausted all other options and aren’t afraid of breaking it further.

YouTube and its creators cannot be held responsible for any harm, damage, or loss of data that results from watching how-to videos.

In some cases, finding replacement parts is nearly impossible.

If you repair your device, you’ll need to order replacement parts. The problem is that this can be a real hassle. Manufacturers aren’t making it easy for the average person to get replacement parts for their smartphones, and there aren’t any smartphone parts stores near you. So you are typically left with amazon and eBay to find the parts you need and almost always have a 50% to 100% markup.

When it comes to fixing an iPhone, the right tools are essential.

If you already dont have the tools you need to fix your device, you will need to order some when buying your parts. You’ll need a right tools like a screwdriver with a Small hex, Torx, Phillips, and tri-wind driver bits to open the iPhone.

Make sure the workspace is clean and ready to go.

Okay, so you have the parts and tools in your possession and are eager to repair your phone. You might be thinking: “I’ll just plop everything down on the kitchen table and get to work.” Please dont… Take a couple minutes to set up your work area.

Remove any liquids or objects that could fall onto the device. Make sure you have enough spalce to work in and enough room for all the parts to be laid out in a logical order (and keep in mind there are a lot of tiny pieces). 

A safe place for all the tiny screws and components you remove will also be necessary. I would recommend a magnetic pad with a grid so you can keep track of where the screws go. 

Be patient and don’t rush things; document the process as you go.

Watching a YouTube video is easy, but it’s much more difficult to accomplish something when trying to repair it yourself. Make sure you have enough time, and when you run into a roadblock, take a deep breath and take a minute to collect yourself.  

If you’re confident in your ability to fix your iPhone using a YouTube video, go for it! However, if you dont want to take the risk or it looks a bit too difficult, bring your device in to the shop, and we can have it fixed in no time. 

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