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The Dirty Secret Of IT Companies Dont Want The 98% To Know

If you work from home or have a small business in the US that has less than 20% you are like 98% of the other small business out there. You would think that this a massive market for any managed service company. This is where most IT companies get there to start. It’s the small nonprofits, the small business that just started, and the internet solopreneurs. This space most IT companies don’t support well and some won’t even return your phone call or take your business.

The Dirty Secret

Here’s the dirty secret most Managed IT Services companies won’t tell you. They don’t want to work with companies with under 20 employees. It just doesn’t support their business model. If you’re in the 98% they just don’t find your business profitable, since they often can’t confirm your business technology to their uniform technology stack. They like to have all of their customers to have the same hardware from computers, switches, Wi-Fi, etc. These companies have a goal to have 200/user/month, and while this can be an appropriate price point depending on the services it just supports 98% of the small business.

Wireless Technology Solutions Supports Enterprise Level It Solutions For Little Guy

MaInly Techs has been in the industry for over a decade, refine our technology solutions, and offering our client cost-effective IT solutions. We understand that most small to medium businesses normally can’t afford an internal IT department and feel that true enterprise solutions are out of their reach. We offer many cloud services that are targeted for SMB. This allows you to scale and use only what you need.

The World of Manages Services.

With business needs evolving to stay in the forefront of their field, businesses need to concentrate on growing their business and not have to worry about the underlying technology that is supporting it. We offer many unique services allowing us to be a full service external IT department. Our engineers understand your needs form the conception, deployment, and management of any project.

Measurable Business Impact.

IT departments are typically complex, distracting, and costly for any business they are supporting. We are able to stay agile and scalable to your needs allowing you to save money and offering peace of mind.

How do we start?

Our engineers understand that every company is different in the way you conduct your business, your culture and requirements make you unique.  We don’t offer cookie-cutter products, only solutions that allow your business to overcome problems it encounters. We will build upon your existing infrastructure to make an agile platform that will fit the way you do business.

Leading to Success.

Our engineers are proven in their field using a three-phase approach to delivers services to our clients allowing for a rapid rate of deployment and a lower ROI. With minimal disruption, our engineers will execute the deployments that can overwhelm your IT staff.



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