Gaming Console Service & Repair


Need your broken Game Console repaired? Our techs are here to help! Starting at just $99!

Many of our Techs are gamers too. We know that you need your console to destress and communicate with your friends online. So when your gaming console is broken it can feel like your world stopped turning. We often can have your console fixed in no time if it’s a common issue. If not, then we can have parts in no time, to get you back online.

No matter if your console is not working correctly or won’t turn on, our Techs can diagnose and fix your gaming console quickly. Mainly Techs has experience repairing all kinds of consoles for any generation fox box, PlayStation, Wii or classic Nintendo devices.

How Can We Help With Game Console Repaired Repair?

  • Game Console Repair, If your gaming console won’t turn on, display anything on the TV, overheating, or something just fell in it, our Techs can typically troubleshoot it and fix it for you.
  • Controller Repair, When your controller isn’t working, and you’re tired of buying new ones bring in your old ones and more often than not we can fix them.
  • Disk Recovery and Upgrade, Are you looking to update your console or your console hard drive is broken we can often retrieve your data, so you can get back to gaming!


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Gaming Console Service & Repair


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