Child Protection on the Internet


Child Protection on the Internet for just $49!

Today you can find and do anything that you want on the internet, but all too often for our children, there is danger lurking, especially with children with no supervision. Mainly Techs can help keep your children safe on the internet by installing child/ parental control software. This gives you ability to track your children online and know they are safe and not doing anything they shouldn’t.

Internet Child Protection Services


  • >Parental Control To Restrict Your Child’s Activity, Mainly Techs will install parental control software on your child’s computer to help you keep them safe online. No matter if they are using the computer for school or fun, you need to know who they are talking to and have the ability to restrict access to any websites that you want to.
  • Monitor What Your Child is Doing on The Internet, While the internet can provide many benefits for getting school work done one providing educational fun, there are threats all over the place. Just by keeping your eye out for what your child is doing on the internet gives you a peace of mind and keeps them safer only by knowing your watching.


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Child Protection on the Internet


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