Internet Consulting and Uptime

Is your business secure? Mainly Techs Uplink Protection keeps your internet running smoothly even during peak traffic times.

We Reduce The Complexity Of The Internet

Our team knows that businesses need to communicate and stay connected. We keep online and streaming with our Uplink Protection. Our system provides load balancing for both incoming and outgoing data transmissions, supporting data, video, and VOIP focused connections. Ensure you stay communicating, regardless of changes to your usage levels in your office. Mainly Techs Uplink Protection utilizes a combination of connections such as Cable Ethernet, 4G Wireless, or Fiber to balance the incoming and outgoing data. Should one of your line fail, we employ an automated failover system that will re-negotiate the traffic and keep your connection strong. For a low subscription rate, you get all this, without worrying about equipment purchasing or upgrades, insurance or warranties. We handle all that, and more. Worry less, and communicate more.

Internet Consulting Services Covering Maine and New England

Expert IT tech support and problem-solving in your home or office, day or night!

Load Balancing and Failover Protection

Maintain a smooth connection for all your internet dependent applications. Protect phone and video, e-mail, fax, and of course hosted business applications with our Uplink Protection. Automatic failover systems manage signal strength to prevent dropped VOIP calls or degraded Video Connections.

VPN Network Bonding

Deliver the same network on multiple sites. Pegas Connect VPN Bonded networks utilize military-grade encryption to protect all data traffic within your domains. Uplink Protection maintains your Internet connectivity so your company can keep doing business, with the same network, even across several locations.

Managed Administration

Mainly Techs helps your business manage your network and signal load balancing by utilizing an admin dashboard for on-site tweaking and administration. Get the same benefits for your inbound traffic as well, with signal conditioning and packet management for incoming and out going data streams.

Quality of Service Control for VOIP

Consistent call quality, with our advanced VOIP conditioning tools. Negotiate system usage by dedicating specific bandwidth for specific lines, groups, and more. Uplink Protection routes your streaming connections ahead of static data, so you can stay connected and never miss a word.

Steady, constant high-speed internet is a part of the foundation for your companies’ growth.

In the 21st century businesses have become dependent on technology in order to stay competitive and grow our companies. This has lead to some businesses to virtualize all their I.T. on cloud services. A modern business looking to be on the top of their game needs a high-speed Internet connection to accommodate their growth. Mainly Techs can provide you with High-Speed Reliable Internet.

Bandwidth Consulting

Modern internet suppliers give a host of options such as BPL, Cable Modem, DSL, Fiber, Wireless, and Satellite. What type of high-speed internet will work best for your business? Do you know if your ISP is supplying you with business level internet or is it residential level? Are you getting a good deal or are you over paying? Internet consulting from Mainly Techs can find you the fast, cost-efficient internet supply that fits your business needs.

Internet Technology Awareness

A modern business utilizes the advantages and effectiveness of the internet. Is your business operating in the 21st century? Internet usage has created unparalleled work-flow capabilities for business in all sizes. For instance; when you vitalize you I.T. business applications and network to cloud services your business will save money and will be able to perform at a more efficient level.

Why Choose Our Manages IT Services?

  • Our Trusted Techs will come right to your business to solve your tech-related problems.
  • We support more than just PCs. We handle disaster recovery, network management, cloud and business solutions. 
  • We love helping our customers solve their technology-related issues
  • We don’t have any complicated pricing models. You know upfront what is going to cost.

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