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Network And Structured Cabling Maine Businesses Trust. Learn how we can simplify your Business Network.

Find Out How Managed Services From The Experts At Wireless Technology Solutions Can Help You Leverage The Technology You Have, Reduce Your Pain Points, And Reach Your Business Goals. Simplify Your It in Three Easy Steps.

We Reduce The Complexity Of Your Network

Keep your office connected to the cloud, to internal servers, and to whatever your dedicated systems are. We provide top-notch managed IT services, to keep your business and your systems running.

Wireless Technology Solutions monitors your network remotely, keeping everything up to date and backed up on schedule. We monitor your help desk tickets and address issues as they arise. Ensuring that your infrastructure just works so you can focus on your business. Rest assured with our secure, real-time monitoring and your choice of options for your own unique business needs.


Network And Structured Cabling Services Covering Maine And New England

Simply Management

When it comes to managing your network, you do not need a big team. By Partnering with Wireless Technology Solutions we gain access to a team that will help you manage and plan for the future. We get the job done fast and with minimal disruption.

Save Time And Money

Your I.T. infrastructure is essential. We help you to develop an I.T. road-map for your networking design and operation. Our technicians can present solutions that will keep your network infrastructure organized, operating, and cost-efficient.

Seamless Support

Wireless Technology Solutions will help you streamline your network, removing unnecessary or outdated devices, adding redundancy when needed, and maximizing your budget with cost effective enterprise equipment. Don’t wait to get started.

Increase Flexibility

Have you ever went add a new device to your network and find out that your previous IT provider installed a device that is being over-utilized without any consideration for the future. (like no free Ethernet port on your network switch)

How We Can Help Your Business With Structured Cabling

Full-Service Install

We install networks that suites your needs, on your budget, on time. We ensure stability and security before we finish.


Get a powerful, wired network for your office systems to keep everything connected, secure from the outside and running fast


Complement your existing Ethernet system with a strong Wi-Fi Broadcasting plan. We have internal and external network equipment.

Fiber And More

Does your business require another type of network? Let us examine the network plan you have we support coaxial, optic fiber, and more.

Why Choose Our Manages IT Services?

  • Our Trusted Techs will come right to your door to solve your tech-related problems.
  • We support more than just PCs. We handle macs, wifi, cellphone, and tablets.
  • We love helping our customers solve their technology-related issues
  • We don’t have any complicated pricing models. You know upfront what is going to cost.

Wireless Technology Solutions doesn’t force out clients into two or three-year contracts. Our team works every month to earn your business.

Wireless Technology Solutions provides cost-effective solutions for our clients, so you can plan and predict your IT costs for business.

We provide our managed clients with discount rates on larger projects that are out of the scope of their managed it service agreement

By using our backup and recovery services, you will have all of your information in one place. It’s painless, secure and reliable.

The team at Wireless Technology Solutions has been providing excellent IT support and IT Advisory services for small business for over a decade

Our team has over five decades of combined experience in the IT field. We know what It takes to make your IT meet your needs.



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