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Custom-Built Computers Just For You

We deliver the next level in PC support and performance. We help you solve some of your toughest PC issues and build some of the most advanced PC with the latest technology.

How It Works

Once you start the consulting process for your custom PC we get on the phone or zoom meeting get an idea of what you’re thinking about for your PC.

Some of the Questions We have?

  1. Are you using this for work?
  2. What software do you used?
  3. Are you using this for Gaming?
  4. What games are you planning on playing?
  5. What is your current budget?
  6. What are you planning for the future? Like any update you want but don’t have the budget for now.
  7. What kind of nose level are you looking for? Typically will tell us if you need water-cooling for fans.
  8. Any other tech requirements you have? (Thunderbolt, 10G, RAID, etc)

Hardware build and Approval

We will take everything from the meeting and we will build you the PC that fits your goals and budget.

Of you like the custom build, we will send you a quote, and once its paid we will start the build. You don’t like the build then we revise with any new information’s you provide.

Keep in mind any time before you pay the invoice you will be able to revise your build. Once you paid you invoice we are locked into what has been selected for hardware “unless the process had taken design and process had taken to long and there is a shortage in parts”.

Build Process and Turnaround Time

Once all of the hardware had been delivered we will start you custom pc build. Parts can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days and on occasion a bit longer depending on stock.

After your PC had been built we install the OS and configure it with any drivers that are needed and test the system for any stability issues.

Overall this process typically takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete once the parts are delivered. Delivery and shipping of your custom PC typically takes 3 to 5 days.

Simplify Your IT in 123

PC and Mac

Our team of experts can work on any device if its windows 10 or Mac OSX we will keep you secure and up to date.

Online Services

Need help with brand name cloud services like Icloud, Google, Microsoft, etc. We are there to help get you up and running.

Mobile and Sync

We can help you sync your devices so you always have the same phone, emails, contacts, across all of your devices.

Backup and Recovery

By using our backup and recovery services you will have all of your information in one place. It’s painless, secure and reliable.

Virus & Malware Removal

We help you get rid of any virus, cryptolocked data, or malware that might be running on your devices.

Managed IT Services

When it comes to connecting your device to the internet it can be scary, our services keep you secure with our 24/7 monitoring.

The Mainly Techs Difference

We have over a decade of experience in technology and building advanced workstations, gaming machines, and everyday computers. Every PC is built in-house by our team of experts and before it leaves our shop it is benchmarked and tested to ensure the utmost quality

Building a custom computer for the utmost performance and ensuring it had proper airflow is no easy task. There are thousands of parts you can choose from and our team know some of the best PC builds that can fit the most budget for gaming PCs and workstation.

When we’re building an expensive high-performance computer we ensure that we are getting what the hardware promises. We test for any bottlenecks and pesky stability issues that might exist. Our team of experts will stress test everything to ensure you have the machine you paid for.

The team at Mainly Techs has been providing excellent IT support and IT Advisory services for small business for over a decade

Our team has over five decades of combined experience in the IT field. We know what It takes to make your IT meet your needs.



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