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We Reduce The Complexity Of The Cloud

Today everything is moving to the cloud from the servers and applications that we used on a daily basis like ERP, Email, CRM, etc. Being so cost effective we have been able reduce the costs that our clients have been paying for their technology solution, allowing for them to stretch there IT budget. With so much moving to the cloud it is even more critical that you have security and backup procedure in place to ensure that your business data is secure.

No matter if you are looking to optimize preexisting infrastructure or move to the cloud your Mainly Techs can help any business even if you’re not sure where to start. Our team of experts can oversee your entire migration, integrate your software, and make sure that your technology is working seamlessly.

Cloud Services Covering Maine and New England

Your Technology is in good hand with Mainly Techs. We Turn Technology Into an Asset for your business. Grow with the confidence that we will have your back and be there to solve your toughest issues.

Increase Flexibility

By moving to the cloud you and your employees will have the ability to work from anywhere. This means your employees are no longer tied to their desk and can promote better collaboration within your business.

Promote Collaboration

Having your business application and files in the cloud gives your team real-time access to your files. They will be able to work in tandem while making changes to key documents, while making it easy for you to audit their progress.

Eliminate Downtime

By having everything in the cloud you no longer have to worry about your sever going down. Cloud resources have been designed to be fully redundant allowing you to focus on your business and not your technology.

Stay Up To Date

As your business grows, it becomes hard for you to stay up to date with the latest technologies. We make sure that your business has the right software and equipment that you need to keep your employees and clients happy.

Cloud Solutions For Your Business

Office 365

By leveraging office 365 for your business you are making it easier for your employees to get work done. You no longer have to worry about who has the latest version of a document, if changes have been made, or if their computer crashing loosing the latest version.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft cloud offering allows for you to move your business to the cloud with ease. You will be able to cut down on licensing costs and server costs. By utilizing Mainly Techs will help you optimize your business applications and server workloads for the cloud.

Amazon Web Services

Mainly Techs can assure that you have a smooth migration to Amazon Web Services. We have experts on staff that know the in and outs of the system to ensure that you’re not losing any application or server configuration, or any files that are critical to your business.

Why Choose Our Manages IT Services?

  • Our Trusted Techs will come right to your business to solve your tech-related problems.
  • We support more than just PCs. We handle disaster recovery, network management, cloud and business solutions. 
  • We love helping our customers solve their technology-related issues
  • We don’t have any complicated pricing models. You know upfront what is going to cost.

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