Business Continuity

Learn how we can simplify your business technology

It just takes one failure, and your vital business data could be lost forever.

Dont Take The Risk. Let Us Help You With Business Continuity​ Planning!

You know you care about your business. That is what insurance is for, to protect your investment. What about your data investment? What about all the records and vital contact information? What will you do if it is all just gone one day? Have you ever lost just one file? Don’t let it happen to everything. We have seen it. It is not pretty. Get your business some “Data Insurance”, with tiered backup solutions. By ensuring the most efficient backup strategy for your company, we make sure you are covered.

We offer combinations of backup solutions to lock-in the safety of your data. From scheduling the automatic backups, uploading to cloud and co-location storage, and physical hard-drive storage, you know that your data is safe, ready to for recovery should a disaster occur. Unfortunately, it does happen. Don’t be left with “No Data” after a flood.

Business Continuity Services Covering Maine and New England

Your Technology is in good hand with Mainly Techs. We Turn Technology Into an Asset for your business. Grow with the confidence that we will have your back and be there to solve your toughest issues.


Keep the backup and restoration process moving. Dedicated software and hardware solutions that help drive the cloud-based and off-site backups.

Status Notifications

Our backup systems, as well as the communication between them, stay encrypted with the latest security standards. Our physical backups are always stored in double locked, infrared and audio monitored locations. We take this very seriously.


Everything is replicated offsite and into the cloud. Your data is safe for and local disaster that might hit your location. So even a hurricane cant stop your business. icon-box-icon-top


Our replication servers ensure that a disaster will never know what hit it. Your company doesn’t stop, and neither should your system. With Cloud-based backups and Server Duplication, when one system goes down, another comes back kicking.

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